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Welcome to the Enhanced Health Center's website where you can learn about who we are, what we offer and how we can help you. With the wealth of information available on our website, you will quickly see why we are the most trusted health clinic in British Columbia that is dedicated to helping you live with all the health and wellness that life can offer. We believe that within an ever-changing health care system, there is a great need to strive for affordable rehabilitation while maintaining high standards of medical quality without sacrificing medical integrity.


We treat patients who have: Back Pain, Digestive Problems, Headaches, Sacroliac Pain, Workplace Injury, Sciatica, Whiplash, Shoulder Pain, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), are pregnant, have Low back pain, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, Knee Pain, or have a Sports Injury. To view a more complete list of conditions we treat, click here.


We aim to restore pain free function through personalized assessment and treatment for each client. We strive to accomplish this by assembling a team of highly skilled, energetic and caring therapists who stay updated with the latest advances in therapy treatment. The cornerstone of our treatment is based on solid assessment skills and the use of latest therapy and exercise for treatment.  We provide advanced exercise services with an experienced kinesiologist. We offer a multi-disciplinary, holistic approach to personal health and well-being that combines the principles of identification, prevention, education, health and happiness. We strongly believe that having a good relationship with Doctors in the surrounding community will bring a better outcome to the healthcare needs of our patients and assist in faster recovery.


Our philosophy is having the patient's Doctor involved with the treatment plan, which involves us to effectively formulate a better rehabilitation plan leading to a happier, healthy patient. We take pride in providing our community with the best possible, healthcare, fitness services delivered by our team of certified healthcare professionals. We recognize that many forms of therapies play key roles in an additional health and well-being and our team provides the best treatments to improve our clients' lives.


office picturesOur facility is professional, has an up-to-date gym space, is clean and has a friendly atmosphere. We work with the medical community to ensure our patients have the best care possible and we respect and support each person who comes to the clinic. We have been well known in the Lower Mainland area for many years as a clinic which offers clients the best service for their health care needs. Our goal is to help you obtain optimal physical health through excellence in therapies, education and exercise. All of our therapists are registered, and have extensive post-graduate education. They constantly update their skills through continuing education courses in order to provide the best possible treatment for our clients.


For several years we committed ourselves to supporting our local community by providing internships and giving donations.

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